In recognition of the beatification of our founder, Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, on Saturday, May 15th, 2021, in Rome, Italy, we invite you to pray this nine-day Novena.
Prayer inspired by Fr. Tom Novak, SDS
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Novena | Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

Striving for Holiness ~ 
Blessed Francis Jordan was serious about striving for holiness. He was filled with an intense desire to become holy, and he encouraged his sons and daughters to strive earnestly for holiness.

Verse: God, our Father, we praise you for the goodness and kindness we see in your son Jesus
Response: Help us to follow our Savior and witness to him more effectively in the world of today.

Day 2
For the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ~
Blessed Francis Jordan had a deep devotion to the Holy Spirit. In fervent prayer he begged for himself and for his followers the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Verse: Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the World, you never cease to call men and women to be apostles in the world so that all may find salvation in you.
Response: We pray that the church may recognize through beatification the charism of our founder, Blessed Francis Jordan

For Faithfulness in the Little Things ~ 
The Gospel Counsel~ Poverty he loved and urged upon his confreres as their mother; celibate chastity was assumed; the school of obedience was an education in surrender to the will of God.

Verse: O Lord, you have raised up in Blessed Francis Jordan a zealous and faithful servant to proclaim your Gospel of love.
Response: Grant us a spirit of selfless dedication in service of others.


For Unity, Love & Peace in Community ~ 
Through concord, small undertakings thrive; through discord, the greatest go-to pieces. Therefore, have charity despite human frailty; despite faults of character; despite disagreeable temperaments; despite want of tact; despite moral failings.” He spoke about meekness and humility, friendliness, and gratitude.

Verse: O God, our loving Father, you have revealed the mystery of everlasting life in your son Jesus.
Response: Grant that through the apostolic ministry of Salvatorians all may come to know you, the one true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

Calling Upon the Intercession of Saints ~ 
Blessed Francis Jordan was a true son of Mary, under a long list of titles, the most important of which was Mother; Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Apostles, Immaculate Conception, Sorrowful Mother, and Mother of the Savior. He entrusted the Society to her protection, along with that of St. Joseph, St. Michael, and all the holy apostles.

Verse: Divine Savior, you give us the example of Mary united in prayer with the apostles.
Response: Grant that we may be a living community of prayer full of trust and ever open to the working of your Holy Spirit.

For a Spirit of Penance & Devotion to the Cross 
~ Blessed Francis Jordan was conscious of his and the world’s weakness.
Penance was necessary. He accepted fatiguing labors, hardships, sufferings and the Cross. Taking the name Francis Mary of the Cross was not for him a mere ritual. He took his name from St. Francis, the bearer of the stigmata, from the Cross, and from Mary.

Verse: Divine Savior, you have chosen to walk the path of the cross for the salvation of the whole world,
Response: Give us the grace to follow you on the way of the cross.

For Faith and Confidence in God ~
Blessed Francis Jordan believed with unshakable faith in divine providence and in the wise and loving hand of God. He humbly accepted whatever the providence of God sent him. Childlike faith in the heavenly Father was like sunshine diffused over the life of Blessed Francis Jordan.

Verse: God, our Father, we have the example of your servant Blessed Francis Jordan, and his unshakable trust in your divine providence,
Response: Help us to see your hand even in the most difficult circumstances of our lives.

For a Greater Spirit of Prayer ~
Blessed Francis Jordan’s interior life and apostolic zeal were built upon prayer. These were foundation pillars of the Societies he founded. He repeatedly encouraged his followers to become persons of fervent prayer. He literally stormed heaven and wrestled with God.

Verse: Divine Savior, you called Blessed Francis Jordan through your Spirit to follow you in being an apostolic model of missionary and a person of prayer,
Response: Grant that we too can be prayerful missionaries in our own immediate world.

For a Zeal for Souls ~ 
Blessed Francis Jordan was inflamed with zeal for souls, was conscious of all those who had not heard of Jesus as their Savior and would remain restless until they heard about Him.

Verse: Lord Jesus Christ, you desire that all come to know and follow you in the spirit of your Gospel
Response: Help us to realize with Blessed Francis Jordan that in our poverty and human weakness, we belong to you

Closing Prayer

Prayer through the intercession of Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

O God of goodness and kindness, we thank You for inspiring Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan with a profound love and knowledge of You, the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent to be our Divine Savior.

We implore the fire of Your Spirit to enflame all the baptized to be apostles in mission for the salvation of all people everywhere.

We invoke the intercession of Blessed Francis Jordan, for our own personal intention of…
[add your intention here]
May he accompany us at significant and challenging moments in our lives.

And if it be Your will, may he be recognized as a persevering and faithful saint whose apostolic life manifested Your strength shining through his human weakness.

We pray with trust in Your Divine Providence.

Please accept my special offering in thanksgiving for the Beatification of Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan


Gifts will be designated to support men in formation, who are studying to serve as Salvatorian Priests and Brothers.  We pray that Blessed Francis Jordan's vision and mission will continue though these men for years to come.

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