We are ready to serve all people everywhere, by 'all ways and means' which the love of Christ inspires. We trust in God’s loving providence in discerning and courageously responding to the particular signs of the times in each place and age. Today these signs urge us to be a prophetic voice for the renewal of the Church and the world:

  • By conveying, in a contemporary way, the values of the Gospel in dialogue with each culture
  • By animating lay people to live their baptismal commitment for Christian leadership, ministry and service
  • By joining the poor in challenging contemporary evils which frustrate a fully human life, particularly social injustice, poverty and violence in all their forms

Salvatorians seek to fulfill our mission by being one with those we serve, manifesting to the world the goodness and kindness of God our Savior.

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Missionary leadership for over 50 years

For over 50 years Salvatorians have walked the road of faith with the people of Tanzania. Through the development of educational institutions, farms, health care facilities, parishes, seminary institutions and other infrastructure development, Salvatorians have made the love of the Savior known through their work and worship. Beginning with a handful of missionaries, the number of Salvatorians engaged in ministry has grown dramatically. Today the church in Tanzania offers the world a faith-filled wisdom that only Africa can offer. In a continent where struggle and violence is often the only story that the world hears, Salvatorians are showing, through their call to “proclaim the good news,” that the story of Africa is a sign of hope for all of us.


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