We partner as equals with the other members of the Salvatorian Family.

Our International Headquarters are located down the street from the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

More about our Motherhouse

Planned Gift | leave a legacy

When you make a generous gift to the Society of the Divine Savior, you become a friend not only to us, but a benefactor to the many individuals and families whos lives are touched through our ministries.

Simply put, there are two kinds of gifts.  One is a gift you make now and the other is one you promise for later, which many people refer to as a planned - or deferred gift.

Contact us at 414-258-1735 and we can help you find answers to your questions.

When making a planned or deferred gift we recommend you consult with your lawyer as well.


Guidelines to report abuse

How to talk with your child

Nothing is more important to us
than the safety and well-being of
our children and families.

We have zero tolerance
for abuse of any kind.

History, memories, music, devotional items

Salvatorian Store delights and inspires with Salvatorian music CDs, books and more.

Devotional and inspirational items are available from our Donation Processing Center in Topeka, KS

Salvatorian Archives connect present and past.

DVDs and publications from the archives offer memories and more.

Call us at 1-800-254-4902

You are a part of our present...
Be a part of our future too!

Thank you for considering us
in your will and trusts.

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