New Father in the House

Having served as a Deacon over the last year, putting into practice lessons learned during his formation and studies at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology (SHSST), we joyfully share that Fr. Simon Mbindyo Muema, SDS, was ordained a Salvatorian priest this past May. The seed of priesthood took root for Fr. Simon when he was a young man growing up in Kenya, East Africa. He attended Catholic schools run by Irish priests and regularly volunteered alongside religious sisters at parishes near his home. He felt drawn to it but was not in a hurry to act on it. “I wanted to take time to grow in God’s love and allow the call to this vocation to be realized when the time was right,” he said. As Simon began to meet Salvatorians, he related to Blessed Francis Jordan’s story.


“Francis Jordan grew up a normal person struggling with challenges of the time and his faith, but he never gave up. He was determined to make the Savior known,” he said. “It’s about service to others, not being served.” “Simon knows that religious life and the priesthood can be challenging. However, like our recently beatified founder, Blessed Francis Jordan, he has placed his trust in the guidance of God and the community,” said Fr. Peter Schuessler, SDS, director of formation for the Society. “All his life, he has been nourished by the Eucharist, which he now celebrates as a priest. I wish him the very best as he takes this important step in continuing the mission of the Salvatorians.”

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Ordination of Fr. Muema, SDS

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