Did you know that the word "Lent" comes from the Old-English word for “springtime?”


This gives us insight into what the time between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday is all about: a season when faith and the virtues of our Christian life flourish within our hearts and souls. It's an excellent time to contemplate the fundamental value of things or habits we may choose to “give up” as a Lenten penance. And perhaps this year, it might be a worthwhile approach to consider opportunities for “good works.” Giving blood at a local Red Cross, shoveling snow for a neighbor, or bringing a hot meal for a person you know may be struggling but who is afraid to ask for help are ways to make a difference in the world and affect conversion in your own heart at the same time.

One of the most challenging tasks that Christians face today is allowing Jesus to indeed be “the Holy One of God,” capable of transforming hearts and forgiving sins. He also demands that those calling themselves his followers live like he did. During this season of Lent, we pray you will continue to immerse yourself more fully in your relationship with our Father in Heaven, and in turn, find your true self — the one God already knows you are.

My Lent/Easter Gift

I'd like to share a Lent/Easter Gift to help your mission and ministry


Support a future apostle (seminarian or brother)


Almsgiving is a form of prayer because it is “Giving to God” -

It's a form of fasting because it demands sacrificial giving -

Not just giving something, but giving something up.


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