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125th Celebrations

Our Years on Fire: Passion for Mercy anniversary celebrations continue.

Next up: Silver Spring, Md. on May 6.

Fr. Glen Willis will sing from his new CD, "It's in every one of us” and Fr. Joe Rodrigues shares "Mission of Mercy" CD song favorites! To make sure you get the latest info contact us at 414-258-1735 or at sds125@salvatorians.com

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Mission of Mercy CD

It’s in every one of us CD


Ripple Effect

Winning an eighth grade catechism Sunday quiz contest earned him a trip to St. Nazianz in Wisconsin and an introduction to the Salvatorian priests and brothers ministering there. “It was a welcoming and inspiring visit,” said Fr. Al Wagner SDS. “Of course, I was just a kid but it opened a new way of life for me and widened my perspective of the world. I returned during Christmas vacation that same year.” The rest is history.

Through the years, Fr. Al has ministered cross-country from Washington DC to California and a little in between. He embraced cultural, religious and racial diversity with each new assignment; from parish to campus ministry, youth ministry, and hospital and assisted living chaplaincies.

“No matter who you are, change is hard – you lose a bit of control. Yet with each move I’ve made, my ministry evolved, and that’s a good thing,” said Fr. Al. “New experiences; uncomfortable at first, always blossomed into something amazing.”

Recently assigned as Chaplain for St. Anne’s Salvatorian Center in Milwaukee, Wis., Fr. Al is now connecting with seniors who are dealing with the emotions, fears, and reality of circumstances due to advancing age and needing assisted living support. He has found that using his own experience of upheaval and re-adjusting each time he was asked to consider another ministry, has had significance for many that he visits with at St. Anne’s.

“Salvatorians along the way have encouraged me to be open to opportunities where God is present and see how things evolve. Life as a Salvatorian has been an ongoing discernment process for me,” he said. “I’m grateful for being exposed to a vast diversity of people. It’s helped me see how interactions can change perspective and how that perspective can open the eyes of others to embrace inclusivity and a sense of belonging.”

“It’s not about MY ministry, it is about what ministry really is and what it means to the people we encounter,” he said. “It’s Fr. Jordan’s mission for us…to proclaim the love of God ‘through all ways and means.’”

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Fr. Al Wagner SDS, ministers to residents and family’s at St. Anne’s.


My spiritual companions

Sunday is generally a busy day for Loyda Vida. Since attending Mass and serving as Eucharistic minister, visiting healthcare facilities, home bound and a rehabilitation institution were already on her schedule, attending another liturgy was not on the radar. Yet on this particular Sunday, she found herself accepting an invitation to the profession of vows for a religious Sister of the Living Word.

“I was tired, sat quietly before the service and was determined this would be my retreat for the day. I was hoping for something different,” said Loyda. “Sure enough, the fascinating multi-cultural liturgy that followed was worth attending!” She introduced herself to the celebrant, Salvatorian provincial, Fr. Joe Rodrigues. Intrigued by what she experienced, she wanted to learn more and began to look into what this small religious order was all about.

“Salvatorians are about who you are as a person. With communities around the world, they encourage diversity and accept people’s unique passions and desires as gifts from God,” she said. “I am in ministry. People in ministry need companions with whom they can journey. Knowing I am in their prayers gives me strength. They are my spiritual companions.”

Journey continues

Having met others from the Order and having experienced the Salvatorian hospitality and charism on different levels; Loyda prays for guidance regularly and asks the Lord why she has been drawn to the Salvatorians. “One thing I am certain of is that the initiative is not entirely my own,” she said. “As I carry experiences that have touched me the most, I feel blessed to know the Salvatorians.”

Reciprocity in giving

Her natural desire to give back to the Church and community is inherited from the generosity and example that her parents have set. As a person with years of experience in the parish and vicariate level, she reflected, “Gifts are extensions of us. There is reciprocity in gift-giving. Knowing the Salvatorians gives me assurance that I am not alone in my work. I’ve learned to seek spiritual guidance outside of my parish and knowing that their founder, Fr. Francis Jordan works with the laity and others collaboratively gives me courage.”  

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What matters to you most?

You want to make sure your wishes are clear and your favorite causes are remembered. Yet, emergencies happen, and you need to make sure your family is financially taken care of first and foremost. Whether planning for a gift now or as a legacy gift, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what size makes sense. Bear in mind that with a planned gift, your legacy and wishes can extend beyond your own lifespan to do good works and have a lasting effect on what matters to you most.

Give us a call at 414-258-1735 and we can connect you to our planned giving officer. If you’d like to make a gift today you can go to: https://squareup.com/store/salvatorians/item/adopt-an-apostle.

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