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Br. Carlos David Mancilla Foulon

Background: Degree in tourism. Carlos worked at a Target store in Naperville, Ill. and served as a tour guide in Mexico before joining the Salvatorians. While living humbly with workers on a ranch, he learned to appreciate the simple things that God provides us every day. He admired the workers’ lifestyle and ability to part with what little they had, not focusing on personal challenges. “It reaffirmed my values of service to others,” he said. “Though I had thoughts of religious life when I was young, I sensed God calling me while living in Madero. But I did not understand the full extent of this call and so for awhile, I kept it in my heart.”

Why the Salvatorians?
“They preach the word of our Savior, with love to those in need, around the world.”

Hobbies: Walking by the river or sea, enjoying nature, reading, walking in the evening with his brother’s dog, Chocko, and watching the sun rise and set.

Favorite Author: Jesus, Laura Esquivel

Favorite Scripture:
“Let the children come to me.”